The Flow X Stairlift, offered by Access BDD, is a cutting-edge mobility solution designed to provide individuals with limited mobility or disabilities a safe and comfortable way to navigate stairs. This modern stairlift boasts a sleek and stylish design that can be customized to fit various staircase configurations and personal preferences.

Equipped with advanced safety features such as obstruction sensors and a secure seatbelt, the Flow X prioritizes user safety. Additionally, its smooth and quiet operation ensures a pleasant experience for users. The Flow X Stairlift is a state-of-the-art mobility solution that combines functionality with modern design, making it an excellent choice for those in need of reliable and stylish stairlifts.

Seat Upholstery Collection

Firenze grey scaled 1
Leather - Firenze Grey
Firenze caramel scaled 1
Leather - Firenze Tan
Firenze smoke scaled 1
Leather - Firenze Smoke
Mountain grey scaled 1
Fabric - Mountain Grey
Mineral blue scaled 1
Fabric - Mineral Blue
Coral orange scaled 1
Fabric - Coral Orange
Pearl blue scaled 1
Nylon - Pearl Blue
Natural beige scaled 1
Nylon - Natural Beige
Basalt grey scaled 1
Nylon - Basalt Grey
Deep red scaled 1
Nylon - Deep Red

Rail/Track Color

Access flow x curved stairlift white ral 9002 flow x stairlift, flow x stairlift reviews


RAL 9002

Access flow x curved stairlift stone grey ral 7030 flow x stairlift, flow x stairlift reviews

Stone Grey

RAL 7030

Access flow x curved stairlift pale brown ral 8025 flow x stairlift, flow x stairlift reviews

Pale Brown

RAL 8025

Access flow x curved stairlift dark brown ral 8019 flow x stairlift, flow x stairlift reviews

Dark Brown

RAL 8019

Armrests and Seatbelt

Access flowx straight armpads

Straight Armrests

Access flowx cruved armpads

Curved Armrests

Access flowx open armpads

Open Armrests

Access flowx seatbelt

Ergonomic Seatbelt

Rail Styles and Setups

Access flowx brochure en email 1

Standard Drop Nose

The standard drop nose is the perfect solution if there is an obstruction, such as a door near to the bottom of the stairs. The drop nose requires just 175mm of space from the bottom step.

Access flowx brochure en 2

Vertical ‘Short-Start’ Drop Nose

Where space is even tighter at the bottom, the ‘short-start’ drop nose can be installed, needing only 100mm of space from the bottom step.

Access flowx brochure en 3

Horizontal Overrun

Where you have extra space at the bottom of the stairs, the horizontal overrun allows Flow X to be parked away from the bottom step.

Access flowx brochure en 4

Parking Curve

A parking curve allows Flow X to be parked neatly out of the way of the stairs wither its 90 degrees or 180 degrees..

Flow x stairlift advanced swivel and level technology

Advanced Swivel & Level Technology

The Flow X stairlift incorporates a revolutionary ASL technology that sets it apart from others in the market. This cutting-edge feature enables the stairlift to effortlessly rotate while remaining perfectly level during motion, ensuring optimal safety and comfort for users.

Gone are the days of complicated operation, as the Flow X stairlift boasts a seamless design that links the seat and footrest for effortless usability. As you fold up the seat, the footrest conveniently folds up automatically in sync. Moreover, the footrest has been meticulously designed with five pre-adjustable positions and an anti-slip surface, prioritizing stability and user confidence.

Maintaining control is of utmost importance, which is why the Flow X stairlift is equipped with dual-status lights on the armrest. Additionally, the stairlift incorporates patented angular armrest detection technology, ensuring that it remains stationary until the armrests are correctly positioned.

Safety and comfort are at the heart of ASL technology, as it takes into consideration the user’s overall well-being. By allowing the footrest to swivel along with the seat, the Flow X stairlift ensures that users can maintain a natural and comfortable position for their legs and feet. 

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Why Flow X Stairlift is most intuitive?

Access flowx asl

ASL Technology

Our unique ASL technology enables the Flow X stairlift to rotate and stay perfectly level while in motion. By rotating during travel, you’re always in the safest and most comfortable position.

Access flowx automatic folding

Complete Automatic Folding

Using a stairlift has never been easier with Flow X’s complete automatic unfolding, at the push of a button. A unique feature only available with Flow X.

Access flowx joystick

Intuitive Joystick

With a comfortable soft-touch grip, the integrated joystick is designed for you to fold away neatly in the armrest when not in use.

Access flowx call device

Call Device

Stay connected with friends and family with up to three different telephone numbers contactable directly from your stairlift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a curved stairlift, and how is it different from a straight stairlift?

A curved stairlift is custom-built to fit the specific curvature and shape of a particular staircase, while a straight stairlift is designed for straight staircases.

Yes, the Flow X stairlift is highly customizable and can be tailor-made to fit any type of curved staircase.

March of Dimes provides a wide array of support and services to people with physical disabilities all over Canada, including funding for mobility and assistive equipment. Visit the March of Dimes website for further information. Call us at +1 (905) 798-1853 for detailed information.

The Flow X can be installed quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to your home.

The Flow X offers various customization options for railings and upholstery, including different colors and finishes to match your home decor.

Stairlifts contain a set of 2 batteries. Typically, a set of batteries will last between four to six years depending on how much the stairlift is used and how well the unit is maintained as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. The owners-manual that comes with your stairlift explains the best practices for keeping the batteries and unit in top shape. However, if you do need the batteries replaced, We keeps batteries in stock and can changeout your stairlift batteries quickly if they start to not hold a full-charge.

Absolutely not, the decision is in your hands. We offer a free survey so that we can learn more about your needs and the design of the home. From this, we can develop a greater understanding of what is actually required to make your life much more comfortable.

Yes, the Flow X is designed to provide outstanding levels of comfort, confidence, and safety for users with mobility challenges.

No. The only evidence of your stairlift being installed after removal will be small holes where the stairlift was bolted to your stair treads. These small holes have minimal appearance on carpet and can be patched with filler and stain on solid surfaces.

No. This fast and easy home accessibility solution simply plugs into your standard electrical outlets, saving you from extra electrical costs. Stairlifts are also dependable during a power outage by running on a constant charge back-up battery.

Product Specifications

Driving Speed

Max 0.15 m/s

Drive Type Rack and pinion
Motor Wattage 350 W – Drive Motor
350 W – Drive Horizontal Motor
Weight Capacity 125 kg

2 x 12 V batteries; total 24V


Joystick control as standard

Staircase Incline

Up to 70°

Certification Machine Directive
EN 81-40:2020
Automatic Stop Yes
Footrest Yes
Retractable Safety Belt Yes

Important Documents


Handicare 1100 Contact Form
Full Name
Full Name
Count Includes the last step at the top landing
Perspective from Bottom of the Stairs

Designed for seamless movement, the Flow X curved stairlift by Access BDD provides outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftsmanship.

Access BDD’s most space-conscious stairlift, the Flow X is designed to blend into any home effortlessly.

The Flow X is fitted onto the staircase and not the wall, allowing it to be installed quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the home.

Flow X is manufactured using the very latest technology and can be installed on any type of staircase.

Our Advanced Swivel and Levelling technology (ASL) allows it to be fitted on staircases as narrow as 610mm. This feature, unique to Flow X, enables your stairlift to rotate while in motion, making it one of the most versatile stairlifts in the world.

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