Knurled Chrome Grab Bars, by Aqua Sense

$ 55.00

Make your bathroom a safer and more versatile place by adding knurled chrome grab bars.

May it be in your bathtub or your shower, grab bars provide extra security, especially when the bathroom floor, the bath tub or the shower floor is slippery.

The Aqua Sense bathroom grab bars are made with durable steel and have a non-slip knurled chrome surface. Rust resistant. Complete with screws and instructions.
Clearance from wall: 1 3/4″ (4,4 cm).


12″ size : Item no: 785-100
16″ size : Item no: 785-102
18″ size : Item no: 785-104
24″ size : Item no: 785-106
32″ size : Item no: 785-108

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