Why Handicare 1100 is best-in-class Stairlift?

Introducing the Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift, a cutting-edge mobility solution that seamlessly combines modern design with advanced technology. This state-of-the-art stairlift offers a sleek and ultra-streamlined profile, providing maximum safety, comfort, and convenience while taking up minimal space on your stairs. Its standout feature is the patented Multi-Drive System, ensuring peak performance with a quieter, smoother, and more robust Friction Drive System. The compact and stylish design allows for placement close to the wall, leaving ample space on the staircase for other users. The Handicare 1100 is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical, featuring easy maintenance with no grease or oil accumulation. With four quiet and reliable motors and optional upgrades for enhanced functionality, including a Zero Intrusion option and an Easy Hinge for manual folding, this stairlift is designed for worry-free daily use. Experience exceptional mobility and convenience with the Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift.

Handicare 1100 powered footrest

Powered Footrest

The powered footrest option offers the convenience of folding and unfolding without the need to bend down. The footrest is designed with an anti-slip texture to ensure a secure foot grip during seating and departure. Additionally, the 1100 stairlift is equipped with multiple safety sensors that promptly halt the lift upon encountering any obstacles.

Easy hinge 1

Manual Hinge Track

The Easy Hinge feature allows the stairlift to be conveniently folded out of the way, clearing hallways and eliminating any trip hazards when the lift is parked at the top of the stairs. This lightweight hinge can be manually folded down with minimal effort and raised with the help of a gas strut.

Slide track 1

Sliding Track

The Slide Track is perfect for hallways with doorways at the top and/or bottom of stairs. It effortlessly clears the track of any obstacles as the stairlift moves, eliminating the need to bend down or wait for a hinge to fold. This cutting-edge solution is fully automatic, providing seamless access.

1100 with staircase front 1

Safety First

The Handicare 1100 Stairlift is equipped with advanced safety features, including sensors that immediately stop the lift if an obstacle is detected. It also has a manual emergency stop and a battery backup in case of power outages. These features ensure a safe and secure ride for users at all times.

1100 foldable 1


Our stairlift is designed to fold up easily, allowing maximum space for other family members to use the stairs. We understand that back pain and discomfort can arise unexpectedly, which is why we have made our stairlift easily upgradable. You can add features like a powered footrest and seat swivel after the initial installation for your convenience.

1100 joystick control 1

Easy to Use

The lift’s joystick, located on the armrest, is designed for ergonomic and intuitive use, providing smooth operation. Additionally, the included remote control allows you to summon the stairlift with a simple button press. Two remotes are provided, each with holders for convenient storage at both the top and bottom landings.

1100 swivel landing 1

Swivel Automatically

The powered swivel option simplifies the process of exiting the lift at the top of landings. By holding the toggle switch in the direction of the landing, the seat can be smoothly turned for a controlled departure. With an 80-degree tilt, users face more of the top landing, enhancing security when getting up.

Handicare 1100 multidrive

Multi-Drive Technology

Our patented multi-drive friction technology ensures a reliable and smooth ride. In the rare event of a motor issue, you can rely on the three additional drives to safely transport you up or down the stairs. For added peace of mind, an emergency stop button is conveniently located on the chair’s bottom.

1100 woman cleaning rail 1

Easy to Maintain

For pet owners, the lift is a dream come true with its four brush heads that diligently clean the rail, preventing dust and hair buildup. Additionally, the tooth rack-free design eliminates the need for grease on the rail, ensuring a clean and pristine finish both now and in the future.

1100 seat belt 1

Retractable Seatbelt

The Handicare 1100 Stairlift is furnished with a standard retractable seat belt, offering additional security while seated. The easy-to-use feature ensures safety and peace of mind for users, providing added protection during use.

1100 remote control 1

Easy Two Remote

The Handicare 1100 Stairlift comes with two remote controls, allowing users to conveniently operate the lift from a distance. This feature enables easy access and control, making it convenient for individuals with limited mobility or those who prefer to operate the stairlift remotely.

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Zero Intrusion Landing

This innovative solution is tailored for homes where the staircase ends at the door, commonly found in basements. The Zero Intrusion feature removes the need for a rail overrun, enabling the installation of our 1100 Straight Stairlift without requiring any alterations to your home.


Specification Measurement
Safe Working Load (SWL) 309 lb (140 kg)
Staircase Angle 30° – 50°
Speed 0.5 ft/sec (0.15 m/sec)
Swivel Radius Minimum 25.4 in (645 mm)
Wall to Inner Seat Back 2.4 in (60 mm)
Seat Depth 15.4 in (390 mm)
Folded Width to Footplate Minimum 12.6 in (320 mm)
Open Width to Edge Footplate Minimum 20.9 in (530 mm)
Armrest Width, External 22.6 in (575 mm)
Armrest Width, Internal 17.7 in (450 mm)
Seat Back Height 15.7 in (400 mm)
Footplate to Seat Height 16.9 – 20.5 in (430 – 520 mm)
Footplate Height, Minimum 2.75 in (70 mm)
Track Intrusion into Staircase Minimum 6.3 in (160 mm)

The Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift is a cutting-edge mobility solution that blends modern design with advanced technology. It takes up minimal space on stairs while providing top-notch safety, comfort, and convenience.

A notable feature of the Handicare 1100 is its patented Multi-Drive System, ensuring peak performance. Unlike traditional models, it employs a Friction Drive System that is quieter, smoother, and more durable. This innovation also simplifies maintenance, guaranteeing years of reliable use.

In terms of design, the Handicare 1100 is sleek and compact. Its slim profile allows for placement close to the wall, leaving ample space for others on the staircase. When not in use, the seat, footrest, and armrests can be folded up to save even more space. The seat also swivels at the top landing for easy and safe transfers.

However, the Handicare 1100 is not just about aesthetics; it is highly practical too. Its patented technology eliminates the need for a tooth rack on the rail, eliminating grease and oil accumulation. This makes the rail easy to clean and safe to touch, maintaining a tidy staircase.

Safety is paramount with the Handicare 1100. It operates with four quiet and reliable motors, utilizing Handicare’s patented four-wheel drive technology. In the unlikely event of motor failure, you can still complete your journey up or down the stairs. The lift is fully certified by the international stairlift safety standard EN 81-40 and designed for worry-free daily use.

Additionally, the Handicare 1100 offers optional upgrades to enhance functionality. These include a Zero Intrusion option for homes with a door at the top of the stairs, a Slide Track that automatically moves when not in use, and an Easy Hinge for manual folding of the track.

Overall, the Handicare 1100 Straight Stairlift is an exceptional mobility solution that combines advanced technology with sleek design. Its slim profile, easy maintenance, and range of safety features make it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and convenient way to navigate their stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Handicare 1100 Stairlift
  1. What is the weight capacity of the Handicare 1100 Stairlift?
    • The weight capacity is 309 lb (140 kg) for angles between 30-45° and 287 lb (130 kg) for angles between 46-50°.
  2. Can the Handicare 1100 Stairlift be installed on any type of staircase?
    • The Handicare 1100 is designed for straight staircases with angles ranging from 30-50°.
  3. How fast does the Handicare 1100 Stairlift operate?
    • The stairlift operates at a speed of 0.5 ft/sec (0.15 m/sec), providing a smooth and comfortable ride.
  4. Is the Handicare 1100 Stairlift suitable for outdoor use?
    • No, the Handicare 1100 is designed for indoor use only.
  5. Does the Handicare 1100 Stairlift come with a warranty?
    • Yes, Handicare offers a warranty on their stairlifts. Specific warranty details may vary, so it’s best to check with the manufacturer.
  6. Can the Handicare 1100 Stairlift be customized to fit my specific needs?
    • Yes, the Handicare 1100 offers various customization options such as powered footrest, power swivel, and slide track.
  7. Is professional installation required for the Handicare 1100 Stairlift?
    • Yes, professional installation is recommended to ensure safe and proper installation of the stairlift.
  8. Are there any safety features included with the Handicare 1100 Stairlift?
    • Yes, the Handicare 1100 Stairlift includes safety features such as an emergency stop button and fault display.
  9. How much space does the Handicare 1100 Stairlift require when folded?
    • When folded, the Handicare 1100 has a width of minimum 12.6 in (320 mm), saving space on the stairs.
  10. How can I control the Handicare 1100 Stairlift?
    • The Handicare 1100 comes with two remote controls, allowing you to easily operate the stairlift from different locations.
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Perspective from Bottom of the Stairs

The Handicare 1100 straight stairlift is ultra slim and compact thanks to its revolutionary rail, the slimmest straight stairlift rail on the market.

The stairlift uses a friction driven system which provides a smooth and quiet ride instead of a toothrack which is traditionally seen in straight stairlifts.

The Handicare 1100 stairlift is battery operated and charged by a continuous charge strip on the rail, ensuring the batteries are always charged, no matter where you park it.

Available in a choice if 6 colours, the stylish stairlift comes complete with manual swivel and manual footrest as standard, although both items can be powered if required.

The Handicare 1100 can also have an optional sliding or manual hinged track if there’s a walkway or opening door at the top or bottom of your stairs.

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