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Sit-to-Stand Lifts, also known as “Sara Lifts,” “Lift Ups,” “Stand Assist Devices,” or “Stand-Up Lifts,” serve the purpose of assisting partially mobile patients in transitioning from a seated to a standing position, enabling them to get out of bed or a chair. Additionally, depending on the context and the patient’s upper body strength, these lifts can also aid mobility patients in safely transferring from a standing to a sitting position.

Sit-to-stand devices are designed for patients who possess some degree of muscular strength but lack enough to independently change positions securely. By utilizing these standing lifts, weight-bearing patients can maintain a higher level of independence and achieve safer transfers within the comfort of their own homes. Moreover, these devices instill a sense of security in patients, reducing the risk of falls while standing. However, in cases where a patient does experience a slip and requires assistance, products like the Hoyer Journey are well-suited to provide the necessary support.