Resten Hi-Lo Bed – Homecare Style

$ 3,150.00

The Resten Hi-Lo elevating adjustable bed frame is suitable for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and customize their sleeping position. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience back pain or discomfort, as the built-in lumbar support and programmable massage feature provide targeted relief. Additionally, the bed frame is ideal for those who prefer to elevate their head or feet for better circulation or to alleviate pressure on their back. With its individualized controls and adjustable positions, this bed frame is perfect for couples who have different sleep preferences. Overall, the Resten Hi-Lo bed frame is designed to cater to a wide range of individuals seeking a personalized and comfortable sleep experience.

Weight Capacity: 410 lbs to 800 lbs

Deck Dimesions: 39” x 80” & 60” x 80”

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